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Auto Expo Wrap Up – 5 Award Winning Results

Well the Adelaide Auto Expo is all done and dusted.

It’s been such a long wait and busy preparation leading up to it – and I think everyone in the community were so eager just to get out, enjoy and show what they’ve been working on over the last year and a bit since the last show…

This was our 4th year exhibiting at the auto expo – and we’ve thoroughly enjoy it each year…

This year was a bit more special for us – it was our biggest display – and we managed to coordinate 8 cars and 2 bikes to be part of the show this year. Everyone was awesome and eager to show off their car/bike and we were fortunate enough to even take out a few trophies along the way!

DangYang (cyclonecandice) took out BEST WRAP with her 3M Gloss Flip Psychedelic wrapped Porsche Panamera
Nathan (jest3rzz) took out BEST COLOUR SHIFT WRAP with his immaculately clean Avery Fresh Spring wrapped VF redline
– Our VE HSV Clubsport won BEST GRAPHICS WRAP showcasing the new Printed Chrome ‘LAVA’ themed wrap
Jen (r6_jenjen) took out BEST JAP BIKE with her 2020 Yamaha R6
-and lastly Charlie (tuff_y62) was the EXTREME FAVOURITE with his big rig Snow Camo wrapped Nissan Patrol

This year we also had our 3D Changer software set up for people to play around with – which is a program where you can load up various cars, apply different colour wraps from all brands on them and see how it would look… (even printed designs) – it was great to see people using it and asking questions.

Thankyou to everyone above and also to Jonno (rallixmotorsport), Amber (_missamarie._), Ian (barlow82), Anthony (anton_7r) and Bob for taking the time out of their schedule to be part of the show – their help and support was very much appreciated and cannot thank you enough. Everyone had such positive comments made about your rides – I lost count how many times people tried to see if they could fit their fingers between Anthony’s Golf R’s wheel and rear guard. The tuck is on point!

Geof Tartoosie (gt356356) and all the organizers and officials – a very big Thankyou for sticking with the show despite the enormous inconvenience and financial stress it must have caused having to reschedule it only within a day of it going ahead.<

We are already making plans for the next Auto Expo in November 12/13th 2021!

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