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Wrap Care

Congratulations On Your New Wrap!

It is essential to care for your vehicle wrap to maintain your warranty and to ensure it continues to look its best.  For your convenience, we’ve created this guide for you.

Infrequent maintenance or incorrect techniques can significantly shorten your wrap’s lifespan.

Carefully review the following instructions to keep your wrap looking great.



1. After Your Appointment

Please do not wash your car or leave it in the rain for the first week after installation.  This can create problems for the wrap as the edges need time to set.


2. Cleaning Procedure

We recommend a hand wash using a mild detergent with water. Be sure to test all cleaning products in inconspicuous areas.

Step 1: Pre Rinse

Use a hose to rinse your vehicle down with clean water to remove loose dirt particles and to avoid scratching your graphics.

Step 2: Wash

Gently wash your wrap with mild soapy water (or Meguiar’s Gold Class Shampoo) using a soft sponge or microfibre towel. Start at the top and work down, avoiding aggressive scrubbing.

Step 3: Final Rinse

Flush off the remaining soapy residue with clean water.

Step 4: Dry

Use a microfibre towel to dry your vehicle. You can also let your vehicle dry naturally, but this can leave water spotting.

Step 5: Protect

Spray a sealant onto a microfibre towel and gentle apply onto the vinyl. We recommend using Bowden’s Fully Slick.


3. Cleaning Tips

What about difficult spots?

For stubborn contaminants like bird droppings, insects and tree sap, soak the area with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. If this doesn’t work, use a 50/50 mix of isopropropyl alcohol and water. Always perform a spot test first.


How often should I wash it?

A bi-weekly wash is recommended to maintain your wrap’s appearance and to protect its surface.


What detergent should I use?

Always use PH-neutral car care products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use cleaners with solvent, alcohol or abrasive components.


Can I use a pressure cleaner?

Yes, but be extremely careful as power washing may degrade the vinyl and cause edges to lift. Always use a power pressure from a distance.


Any special instructions for a matte finish

Avoid waxes and polishes to prevent creating a shine, and limit the wrap’s exposure to the sun to avoid degradation of the matte finish.


4. Environmental Factors

Urban Pollution

Urban environments contain atmospheric pollutants that become embedded in the vinyl, which leads to discolouration and damage. Frequent cleaning and the use of a sealant will remedy this.


Natural Residues

Tree sap, bird droppings, and other natural excretions are acidic and can stain your wrap if not removed promptly. Clean them off as soon as possible.


UV Exposure

The greatest killer of vinyl wraps is the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will lead to fading and deterioration of your wrap. Whenever possible, park in shaded areas.


Coastal Salt Spray

Parking near the coast can expose your wrap to salt spray, which can corrode and damage the vinyl over time. Regularly wash your wrap with fresh water to prevent damage.


5. What To Avoid

Do not use automated car washes.

The harsh brushes and high-pressure water jets in automatic car washes can cause peeling and lifting of the wrap’s edges. Stick to hand washing with a gentle soap.


Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Steer clear of rough cleaning tools and abrasive detergents that can scratch or mar the surface of your wrap. Opt for soft cloths and pH-neutral soaps instead.


Do not touch your wrap with dirty hands.

The oils and dirt from skin can leave marks and blemishes over time. Avoid unnecessary contact to maintain the wrap’s appearance.


Do not lean on your wrap.

This may seem frivolous, but excessively touching and leaning on your wrap may cause unsightly blemishes that cannot be repaired.


Do not refuel carelessly.

Spills can stain or damage the wrap. Refuel carefully and clean any spills immediately.


Do not alter or modify your wrap.

Attempting any DIY modifications or alterations may damage your wrap’s integrity and void your warranty.


6. Timely Removal

It is crucial to remove the wrap if it shows signs of wear or aging. Retaining an expired wrap will make the removal more challenging and could potentially damage your vehicle.


7. Still Unsure?

Feel free to contact us and we can give you more information.

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