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Window Tinting

Are you getting roasted inside your car in our relentless Australian heat while driving or stuck in traffic?

Having your car windows tinted has many benefits.

These range from keeping the inside of your car cooler, less strain on your air conditioner (which in turn can save on fuel consumption), protecting your dash or interior leathers from perishing and cracking, and not to mention blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays, and large IR reduction (the heat you can feel through the window).

Window tint comes in all ranges of darkness, however we mainly carry 5%, 20%, 35%.

The darkest legal shade for South Australia for a passenger vehicle is 35% on the front two doors, and 20% on the rear doors and rear window.

For a commercial vehicle (eg a van or ute that cannot carry rear passengers) – the darkest legal is 35% for the front doors, and can be as low as 5% on the sides and rear.

window tinting

We stock two ranges of window tint, a Carbon series, and a Nano Ceramic series..

The difference between these two are the amount of IR reduction it provides..

The Carbon series generally reduces IR up to 60% and the Nano Ceramic series can reduce IR up to 94%, making it the best option for those who are constantly on the road. These films will never fade or turn purple or interfere with antennas or gps signals and are backed by a lifetime warranty while you own the car.

We also have a heatbox in the workshop which we can physically show you the heat reduction difference between these films, so you can make the best choice for your budget.

Check out this video snippet demoing the heatbox.

Heatbox Demo with WrapVirus

We also can apply window tint to your home or commercial property to help keep your premises cool during summer and also offer additional privacy as some residential films can act like a mirror in some conditions making it hard to see in, while not affecting your view to the outside world. These films are different to automotive tint, and come in various widths and shades.


Here’s some examples of vehicles we have tinted  – for more photos, check out our Gallery or Facebook page.

Window Tinting Gallery

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