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Bike Wraps

Similar to the information explained under the Vehicle Wraps page, Bike wraps also have become very popular.

From complete colour changes, or partial wraps, or stripes and accents – vinyl is the perfect choice for these modifications.

We have wrapped many many bikes over the years – from matte black to chrome and even zebra print.

Check out our Wrap Colours page for an extensive list of what colours are available.

Bike wraps can be quite time consuming because – even while the parts are generally small, they are very complex in their shape, requiring much more time and focus to get a long lasting result.  It also uses much more material than you’d expect because each piece requires so much excess material to hold and stretch (compared to a car which is mostly flat panels with material cut very close to the size required).

As an example, a small hatchback may need 10-12 meters of material to fully wrap – and take 2-3 days, a bike such as an R6, or Ducati may use 4 meters and take the same amount of time (It can save some time and labour if the parts are stripped and brought in by the customer as opposed to having us disassemble the bike).

Watch this video from WrapVirus which also explains some of this:


Check out some of the bikes we have wrapped recently – for more photos, check out our Gallery or Facebook page.

Bike Wraps Gallery

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