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Vehicle Wraps

We have many options available when it comes to changing the look of your car.  Whether it be a colour change, printed graphics, or even something more subtle like a roof wrap or stripes – we have you covered.

Colour change wraps are becoming more and more popular as a more cost effective way to temporarily alter the appearance of your vehicle. Think of it as “Clothes for cars” – you wear it for a few years, then change to something new – all while protecting your factory OEM paint.

Wrapping you car has many benefits over painting.

    • It is temporary – it can simply be removed and can return your car to original colour without damaging the OEM paint (*proper after care and maintenance is a must*)
    • There are many more finishes and textures available compared to paint (Eg, Carbon fibre, brushed metallic, chrome, printed designs etc)
    • Protects the paint from light scratches and UV
    • Individual parts can be re-wrapped, as opposed to having to blend paint into adjoining panels
    • Helps maintain resale value (Eg, Say you have a black car, but love pink, you can have it wrapped for a few years, then when it comes time to sell, remove the wrap and you will have the same condition black paint as it was before the wrap went on… compared to if you opted to paint it pink – you will find it very hard to sell a pink car without then having to respray it back to a neutral colour)

Check out our Wrap Colours page for an extensive list of what colours are available.

We aren’t limited to just colourchange – we can also do full digitally printed wraps (like camo, marble, images, or your corporate branding)

Here’s a few photos of recently completed projects – for more pictures, check out our Gallery or Facebook page

Vehicle Wraps Gallery

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