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Tail Light Tinting

Do you have boring clear tail lights housings, or really bright red, or has a lot of chrome – and want to tone them down… Well throw away that can of nightshade and have them tinted with our premium cast tail light tint film.. It comes in 3 different shades (Light, Medium and Dark)

tail light tinting

We have tinted well over 300 sets of tail lights over the years – giving the back of the car either a much more subtle or aggressive look.

We also have yellow and red translucent film available… The yellow is typically used for fog lights, and the red can be used to enhance clear housings (like the subaru hatchbacks)

We can make the best recommendation on what darkness shade would best suit your lights, chances are we’ve done them before and can show you an example.

Here’s a very small selection of lights we have done recently – for more photos, check out our Gallery or Facebook page.

Tail Light Tinting Gallery

Photo 1_3 Photo 2_3 Photo 3_3 Photo 4_3 Photo 5_3 Photo 6_3 Photo 7_3 Photo 8_3 Photo 9_3 Photo 10_3 Photo 11_3 Photo 12_3 Photo 13_3 Photo 14_3 Photo 15_3 Photo 16_3 Photo 17_3 Photo 18_3 Photo 19_3 Photo 20_3 Photo 21_3 Photo 22_3
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