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“FATALITY” – Mortal Kombat Reflective Wrap

“Test Your Might!”…

It was time for a new look on our Clubsport.. after 2 years with the Lava wrap – we decided to switch it up for this year’s Auto Expo… this time we engaged our highly talented Graphic designer Cris, from Frank Ricci Extreme – and put him to work to come up with something special!

I have been a fan of Mortal Kombat for quite some time, and when i decided to develop a new wrap based on it – i knew it had to stand out… So we opted to make this one REFLECTIVE!  At night time, when the light shines on it – it comes to life!.

We worked on the design concept with Cris, and came up with something that we feel shows off both the material properties and the Mortal Kombat theme. We even went as far to have the design flow over the side and rear windows – which we plotter cut a hexagon pattern through it to make a unique custom one-way vision look.

We partnered up with Orafol Australia for the material, who supplied us their 5600RA series of reflective film, and 290GDU gloss laminate.  It was then printed in-house on our Mimaki UCJV300-160 printer.

Once the wrap was complete, We also installed some Underglow LED’s to help accent the vibrancy of the wrap.

We were fortunate enough to take out Best Wrap and Best Graphics Wrap at the recent Auto Expo.


Mortal Kombat Wrap

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